Regional development program proposal 

Complex migration issues involving Central America, Mexico and the United States is mostly based on the composition of irregular migration that has changed significantly since 2014, increasingly including more women,  young people, children, and even entire families that are facing a severe humanitarian crisis due to the national and regional security threats.

There are several drivers of youth migration, such as obtaining higher education, finding and starting work, or following their dreams in developed countries. In Central America, the youth is forced to migrate to escape poverty, violence, conflict, or are displaced due the effects of war or climate change.

Internal or international migration can have a positive impact on young people by opening up new opportunities, a path to participate in higher education, a better and decent job, a chance to gain professional experience or to pursue personal development, by building self-confidence, and allowing them to acquire skills and competencies beneficial to themselves and their countries and communities of origin as well as destination. 

Actions must be encouraged by civil society and non profits with a human based approach to create innovative mechanisms of international cooperation with education and cultural strategies that transcend such vulnerabilities as discrimination based on gender, migration status, ethnicity; poor working conditions; lack of access to basic social services; and lack of social protection or loss of social protection. 

What we do (long and short term)

Jóvenes Promesas is an international cooperation education program that addresses migration’s root causes with the promotion of professional capacities, employment, entrepreneurship and development based on a human rights approach, in accordance with the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLAC) for a Comprehensive Development Plan between El Salvador – Guatemala – Honduras – Mexico, signed in 2019.

In the long term we are promoting cooperation at all levels - local, national, regional and international – as well as strengthening meaningful youth participation in the migration policy debate.

In the sort term, we facilitate access to basic human rights:

  • Legal student visa in Mexico and human security measures. 

  • Quality technical and vocational education and training for promoting economic development and employment opportunities.

  • Health, nutrition, shelter and basic needs. 

  • Family environment and culture. 

  • Psycho-emotional support.

  • Citizenship & global responsibility skills. 


Why us

The program is supported by a regional NGO network in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras & El Salvador that promotes cross national development. With legal services, social programs, bond assistance, and an advocacy team focused on changing the narrative around immigration and development in the region, Jóvenes Promesas is operating on the four countries quad since 2018.


Why you 


Your donation provides education and social services for 12 Central America young men and women (between 16 and 20 years old), who are studying in Puebla, Mexico.